Peter Kohler

Peter Kohler

An internationally recognised asset management thought leader with a proven ability to deliver innovative solutions

Recognised as a Certified Fellow in Asset Management (CFAM), Peter has a keen appreciation for the strategic function provide by asset management. This is supported by a strong understanding of the technical and financial standards and toolsets used to deliver effective asset management.

Peter is a mechanical engineer who spent some 26 years in the Royal Australian Navy. During that time, he championed the discipline of asset management.

He founded an asset management consultancy in 1996 and that consultancy (Capability Partners) continues to this day.

In 2014 he co- founded the Asset Management College with the aim of providing asset management learning and education.

Peter is currently the Liaison Commissioner for the Asset Management Council while also:

Asset Management Domain Knowledge

Peter Kohler has extensive knowledge in the discipline of asset management, including:

  1. Development of ISO 5500X Asset Management suite, as a member of an international ISO committee with responsibility to develop that suite;
  2. Over twenty years of experience with the auditing of Management Systems for Asset Management using among others, the ISO 55001 requirements and the asset management Principles from ISO 55000 as applied to many industries, both in Australia and overseas, including:
    1. Transport;
    2. Power Generation and Transmission (Hydro and thermal);
    3. Defence;
    4. Manufacturing; and
    5. Explosives manufacturing.
  3. The development of decision-making processes (technical and financial) within the analysis of the support needs of assets for the ongoing management of those assets, to deliver the required business outcomes.
  4. The development of asset management KPIs and PIs (that accord with asset management Principles and business needs).

Management Systems for Asset Management

Peter Kohler has extensive experience in the development and implementation of management systems for asset management, including:

  1. Development and implementation of asset management processes to support decision-making that provides the capability to demonstrate the ISO 55000 focus to support organisations identify and implement, a desired balance between cost, risk and performance, in the management of their asset portfolio.
  2. The development of Roles and Responsibilities and associated management frameworks to support asset management decision making.
  3. The identification of data needs (and needed disciplines) to support asset management decision making.
  4. The development of continual improvement processes and associated systems that identify data needs, gather the required data and then provide information to decision makers, in a timely manner.

Recent Experience

1996 – Present

Capability by Design and lately Capability Partners

Peter is currently a Director of Capability Partners (CP).

As part of undertaking assignments on behalf of CP clients, Peter has led teams that have:

  1. Conducted asset management, maintenance & safety audits of complex assets.
  2. Undertaken reliability, availability and maintainability modelling for major commercial, Power generation and Power distribution organisations, Water Utilities and major Defence projects.
  3. Developed, designed and implemented analysis of assets based on the principles of Reliability Centred Maintenance, Reliability Modelling and Failure Modes Effect Analysis etc.
  4. Developed Safety Case Reports for major assets.

Of some note, Peter is currently applying his experience to mentor selected people, as a result of organisational and personal improvement programmes.

Peter also provides advice on the application of Cultural Harmonisation Programmes – where such programmes are designed to identify and change the supporting workplace culture needed to support improvement in asset management practice.

2003 to Present

Asset Management Council (Engineers Australia)

Peter was the inaugural Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK) Commissioner for the Asset Management Council. His key responsibility was to personally approve all changes to the AMBoK of the AM Council.  The AMBoK is aligned with other international asset management bodies

Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK) – the AMBoK includes the following data:

  1. Development of models that portray the Principles of Asset Management;
  2. Development of models that portray the process and procedures involved in all the life cycle stages of asset management;
  3. Development of models that portray the ISO 55001 mandated artefacts and their relationship to both asset management models above; and
  4. Development of an IEC Standard that documents the functional relationship between ISO 55000 and ISO/IEC 15288 Systems Engineering to the various IEC technical, ISO managerial and IFRS/IAS[1] financial standards.

Some of Peter’s achievements in the AM Council include:

  1. Conducted Asset Management Maturity Assessments in Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong on major assets.
  2. Approved Presenter of AM Council Asset Management Fundamentals Program.

Engineering and Tertiary Qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Engineering – University of New South Wales
  2. Royal Naval Engineering College (UK)

[1] IFRS _ International Financial Reporting Standards

IAS _ International Accounting Standards